Sebastian Pleus is a graduated design student from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). During his studies he focused on the development of menswear and researched into tailoring and pattern making. Right now he is located in Berlin but he is home all over the world.


While following the general programme at AMFI he was honoured to take part in AMFI's design honours programme for second year students, to design a hat for the Dutch minister of education and to collaborate in a small team with the well known Italian denim ambassadors: Diesel, Candiani and Martelli. Six months he spent interning for McQ by Alexander McQueen in London and enjoys working bespoke for private clients. 


Being graduated in June 2014 he started working as Creative Assistant for the lifestyle label Simon Freund in Berlin on a freelance base. He is always interested in new freelance experiences but hopes that he can join a motivated team soon to create outspoken collections. 

You can download Sebastian's CV here or get in contact with him via the details below.